why online dating is bad intended for All of our Mental Well being?


I would also like to say THANKS to the people working on these sites. Putting words on problems and especially on solutions!

I have the same way of thinking, and I too am getting a little paranoid …

I repeat this quote: “His close friends don’t need the sound of rumor to have their own opinion already. Usually, therefore, we keep true friends around us who can become allies in this almost war of words. ”

When we are not a true loner and need others, we have to surround ourselves with people who want us real good and diversify our activities so that it affects us less.

I am now an adult and I can tell you that we get stronger as we get older while keeping our personality.

if you have a teacher you trust and feel good with, try talking to him. We can take over several times, each time another small piece of history … Stay strong, because that’s what they want, they want to destroy mentally, and it will make their task easier by committing suicide … In addition, if you stay strong, they will see that you are a courageous person, then, they will have more difficulty… Forge yourself a kind of,, (not literally!) And you will see that it will go better. Repartee, or being sarcastic; can help a lot too.

Don’t worry, you’re smarter, you CAN do it (just do it !!!) 🙂 😉

Good evening. My name is Léa I am 16 years old for 3 years I supported the reputation of “easy girl” I had a depression once out of all that I changed high school, studies and I pass it while a boy of BTS I like, I vaguely speak with him and by chance the next day some girls come to see me saying to me that I am a whore that I will morfler and that I am a slut in front of him. He took my defense, I know there is nothing wrong with it. I do not know why me or why these words I am so afraid that my reputation will recover I do not want to repeat suicide attempts I go to high school with fear I have anxiety attacks and I in the process of advice please help me

Bjr to all me jsui rather the kind of hyper sociable and popular girl but since college I have a reputation of whore which followed me until high school at the beginning I really don’t care any importance then these last days its become portable. As I never said anything in relation to the rumors I was not able to defend myself when I was told I just answered with “ok” “good” “humm that’s cool” and that’s all. Doing this was followed by a loud fight with my boyfriend who got me back for not reacting and loving that people talk about me these fakes. I need help what to do ??

For a long time I got close to a boy with a bad reputation. He was seen in the bathroom with several girls, he hasn’t been a virgin since he was 12. Everyone had told me to be careful, that its going to end badly, but I didn’t want to listen to them because I was convinced that he was different with me. I really thought he had changed. And one day he stopped talking to me for no reason. I was very sad. What had to happen happened .. He told everyone that I wanted to sleep with him, and since in almost everyone’s eyes I am just a ‘big bitch’ .. Nothing has improved since the great popular college wanted this revenge, and shout loudly in everyone’s ears that we had done the preliminaries together. Despite the support of those close to me, I became anorexic and had several sugary thoughts. I’m slowly going up the hill, but I would like some tips on how to get out of it.

On April 4, 2012 at 7 h 43 min, Fil Santé Jeunes said:

you must not be left alone with what you are going through. We suggest you call us at 3224, it’s anonymous and free. We are reachable every day from 8 am to midnight. This is important, we can help you and work with you to find solutions to bring this situation to an end.

Me in my college I endure a lot of moral harassment and a reputation spreads on me “I would be a lesbian” while I know the truth and I know that nah I really am not a lesbian … But how do I do that? I am exhausted…

and i have already tried to kill myself, not great thing but to be onette i never had the courage to stick a piece of glass in my skin so i just have small traces but no gravity … but help me …

I have a reputation 😳; but bad, a girl I saw this summer (who is actually my old best friend) wanted revenge on me because she is jealous of me. I gave her a lot of stuff, and she threw it all away. She made up a lot of things too, like that I was a manipulator, a liar, an easy to fuck girl, that I had a problem with my brain, anything and everything when I really am none of those things. She is happy ; she succeeded in offending people. But how do you regain people’s trust? How to become friends with them again? She made me lose everything, and I didn’t react. Help me ; are you okay ?! 🙁

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